Well, the Mega International Bank project was completed last month and the client in very happy!

The  entire work space has been transformed from a very dark and dungeon type atmosphere to a bright and energetic environment where co-workers can now mingle for the first time and share notes without having to move to another spot with more light.

The space is now being called a “happy” place, which makes me happy because lighting should  make you feel good, especially in a work environment where you spend most of your day.

Led lighting was used exclusively and the entire work floor only consumes 1,000 watts as opposed to 7,000 watts had halogen sources been used.

Landscape lighting

Did several large residential landscape projects this summer and brought some beautiful landscapes to life.  One client referred to the lighting as being “magical”.

I will be adding photos to the gallery very soon.

Mega International Bank is a commercial bank in the financial district.  The building is owned by the bank and is a NYC landmark.  It was built 1n 1906 and was the New York Chamber of Commerce until the 1980’s.  The main floor is approximately 50′ x 60’and has a 40′ ceiling height with a stained glass “skylight”.  The walls are covered in dark red tapestry. It’s a jaw dropping space.

The floor has 24 workstations and there is no overhead lighting.  The employees have been depending on a collection of fluorescent task lamps and working in a very dark space.  Because it is a landmark, nothing can be attached to the walls or the ceiling, making for a very challenging lighting solution.

My plan, to heighten the mahogany work stations from 6′ to 9′ with carpentry in order to attach cable lighting from @Tech Lighting  in order to create a false ceiling from work station to work station and provide downlighting from small spots attached to the cable.  The carpentry will be finished to look like the existing furniture.  All of  the lighting will be LED which does not emit UV rays.  This is especially important for the employees which have been complaining about their vision.

This lighting solution will provide sorely needed lighting from above for the employees, without being intrusive and is respectful of the space, combining old world opulence with new world, minimalistic, purely functional lighting.


Hello and welcome to NY LIGHTING DESIGN. I’m so happy to have my new and updated website up and running! I’ll be sharing projects I am working on and any new and exciting lighting products I come across.

I’m currently working on one of my biggest projects yet: Dutch’s Spirits Distillery in Pine Plains, NY. It’s scheduled to open in May 2015. It’s a three story, 1920’s style farmhouse, with a state of the art distillery floor, making of all things: moonshine!

Built on top of bunkers that once were owned by prohibition gangster, Dutch Schultz, there is a restaurant, bar and private lounge on the second floor, with a casual bar on the third floor and retail sales.

The distillery floor will be very dramatically illuminated and will be able to be viewed from the second floor glass wall.The structure is totally green and all of the lighting is energy efficient and 95% Led. Now working on the final details. Will keep you posted.

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