My inspiration for lighting comes from nature. The progression of the sun’s natural light throughout the day and the wondrous scenes it creates has always been a fascination. The sun or the lack of it, directly affects how we feel and can elicit a whole range of emotions.

By applying the right lighting techniques in an interior space, we can strive to do the same and bring a space to life. Lighting has the power to transform and directly affects how we live, work, play or relax.

My goal when working on a project is to make those entering the space feel good, period.

Of course, getting to that moment, involves applying years of experience, vision and knowledge of the latest lighting sources and manufacturers’. There is no one solution or quick fix. There is usually a combination of sources that make a space come alive and every space, like every client, is unique.

My first introduction to lighting design was when I worked for Artemide, a Milan based Italian lighting manufacturer and a leader in the world of modern, industrial design. The experience awakened in me the power of design and how it affects the quality of our lives. I’ve collaborated with architects, interior designers and other lighting consultants.

I’ve also worked in lighting showrooms to the trade and retail showrooms which has given me a well rounded view and understanding of the entire process from start to finish. I’ve been told that I have an intuitive sense of understanding what my clients are looking for.

My love of the theatre, influences my desire to create even in the simplest spaces, a touch of drama.

My appreciation of nature and the world in which we live motivates me to employ LED and other energy efficient lighting sources.

My goal is to give the client what they are looking for plus that extra something they weren’t aware of but will love the best.

My greatest satisfaction: seeing the look of relief on a client’s face when I make what seemed like a daunting task, simple.

For a consultation, please call: 845-590-1686

Certified Lighting Consultant